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Soil Stabilization
with CCT 0815

CCT-0815 is ideal for unpaved roads acting as a potent stabilizer that modifies the water-absorption properties of the material
It transforms hydrophilic material to hydrophobic, which ultimately establishes permanence. The product is non-contaminating for soil and an extremely time-saving condiut, which in turn translate into an overall cost reduction. The reaction mechanism of CCT-0815 is strongly effective over clay and/or untreatable soils. CCT-0815 addresses the biggest issue when building roads, which is plasticity.

In terms of consolidation, moderation and compacting of the ground, generally, HYGT CCT-0815 has significant effect on a wide range of materials which contain a specific threshold of clay that would therefore make it unsuitable for road paving.

The product is water-soluble and above all it is biodegradable, as it presents in no way signs of contaminants nor toxicity.Furthermore, its is manufactured on domestic land in Mexico by HYGT Chemical of Mexico allowing us to have strict quality control following international standards.

Road treatment evaluation will be determined by sutainability indexes that are affected by variables like climate, use or frequency, erosion, cracking, cupping, etc.

CCT-0815 is highly versatile and thus allows for plausibility concerning a wide spectrum of materials that beforehand were not seen as credible options. This in turn gives road engineering the advantage of utilizing in-situ materials, which would thereon eliminate the need for miltiplicity in layers of materials like pavement and caliche, therefore eliminating transportation costs from quarries.

Not only does all this present greatly positive economic rewards, but ecological ones as well.

Savings Benefits

With HYGT CCT-0815, the time and cost needed to build a road is significantly reduced. HYGT CCT-0815 is applied quickly and the roads can be in operation within hours.
  • Reduced construction cost
  • Less repair and maintenance needs
  • Less material and transportation costs
  • Less traditional thickening materials
  • Lessened need for machinery due to faster process

Ecological Benefits

  • Biodegradable
  • Less granular material loss
  • Dust control
  • Non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-explosive, non-contaminant
  • Improves population quality of life by preventing dust-related health concerns
  • Independently verified as environmentally friendly by EMA

Packaging Benefits

  • Sold and transported in a concentrated form and diluted with water prior to application
  • Bulk containers 2 – each 52.8 gal
  • Concentrated.
  • Approximate coverage area: 1,196 sq. yd

Advantages & Benefits

Increase in road-weight tolerance

Safer surface during rain

Low Maintenance

Increased CBR Index

Permanent Alternative

Highly wear-resistant

Practical applications

After applying HYGT CCT 0815, soil compaction can be achieved with minimal mechanical effort as the product binds clay particles together in such a closed molecular structure that it optimizes the orientation of the particles. The treated soils then achieve a higher unit weight, which further increases the effect of several key soil parameters such as bearing capacity & bearing ratio, resulting in stronger bearing materials. At the same time, the product prevents water from entering soil layers within the pavement system, maintaining a balanced moisture content and ensuring a stable system.

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Haul Roads

Service Roads

Wind Farms

Usage by Industry

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